20 Tools Every Homeowner Should Own

Congratulations! You just bought a house! While you’re probably ready to splurge on furniture, rugs, etc., set aside some funds to invest in tools. Yup… tools. Even if your home is brand new, you’ll still need a basic collection of tools to take care of your home. Here’s our list of must-have hardware.

  1. Hammer: From pounding nails to using it as a crowbar, a hammer is an absolute must for any homeowner.

  2. Screwdrivers: Philips & flat heads, in a variety of sizes. Again, a must-have item.

  3. Measuring tape: You won’t believe how many times you reach for it.

  4. Duct tape: Another all-purpose tool that you will use for dozens of things.

  5. Flashlight (& batteries): In addition to being a basic safety item, a flashlight will be a big help when you need to look behind the water heater to see what’s going on.

  6. Utility knife: Ideal for opening boxes, trimming edges, and a variety of different jobs.

  7. Putty knife: Good for spreading putty, scraping dried paint, and opening paint cans - among other things.

  8. Adjustable wrench set: A vital tool when you need to turn a nut without stripping it!

  9. Pliers: Just the thing when you need to hold something steady, or pull or bend metal.

  10. Power drill & bits: Not just for creating holes, a power drill can also act as a screwdriver.

  11. Extension cord: A bright orange, indoor/outdoor rated electrical cord is a necessity for leaf blowers, or other power tools.

  12. Plunger: You definitely don’t want to be without one of these when the toilet or sink gets stopped up.

  13. Safety goggles: Never risk an eye injury. Put these on whether you’re mowing the lawn or drilling a hole.

  14. Leaf rake: No one likes raking leaves, but a good rake will help the job go faster.

  15. Snow shovel: You might not like to shovel snow, but a good shovel will get the job done safely.

  16. Round-nose shovel: A gardening workhorse, from digging holes to spreading mulch.

  17. Broom & dust pan: One for inside, one for outside. Clean work spaces are happy work spaces.

  18. Paintbrushes: In various sizes for various finishes. (Walls, woodwork, staining)

  19. Level: An invaluable tool when hanging things on the wall.

  20. Stepladder or stool: An absolute necessity for changing light bulbs, painting ceilings, stringing lights, dusting high corners, etc.

At THP Homes, we’re here to help you create the home you’ve always dreamed of owning. From your first visit until long after you’ve moved in, our team is here to provide support as you care for your new home!