6 Ideas For Outdoor Living Spaces

Sweet springtime is in full swing, and we’re in relaxation mode... What could be better than soaking up the sun and enjoying leisure in the backyard of your new home in PA? From colorful accent pieces to natural décor, we have plenty of ways to make your outdoor space blossom.

Whether large or small, your outdoor space can be maximized to reach its full, insta-worthy potential with the right accessories! Take a look at a few of our favorite ideas:

More Space, More Fun

Throw Some Shade: In your spacious backyard, add pops of flair (and much-appreciated shade as the temperatures rise) with a wide, sleek umbrella. Light, bright colors like yellow go great when they match things like patio chair cushions, and neutral colors like tan go with any color scheme or homestyle. Pro tip: if you throw a lot of dinner parties at night, choose an umbrella with LED lighting.

Get Campy: Small, compact, and easy to use, fire pits come in all designs and shapes, and add a nostalgic spark to your outdoor space. Set up a food station from a two or three-tiered shelf, where you can rest supplies for everyone to enjoy: think chocolate, marshmallows, graham crackers, and sticks. Who says late-night s’mores are only for kids? Your family and friends will be happy campers once again.

Water You Waiting For: You don’t need to break your wallet to incorporate luxury into your beautiful space. In case you missed it: water fountains are making a comeback with contemporary, chic designs. Coming in all shapes and designs, from multi-tier to basalt, you’re sure to find a gorgeous piece that suits your style and adds the relaxing sound of rippling water to your space.

Big Ideas for Outdoor Spaces

Let it Grow: Container gardens are on the rise, and they’ve certainly caught our eye… Give pops of life to your space with your favorite herbs or bright flowers grown in trendy planters like metal and cedar.

Secret Garden Tip: Springtime is all about leisure and comfort, so why not rest your drinks on something stylish? A compact garden accent table adds a hint of chicness to your patio without overwhelming the scenery and small space. Whatever color or design floats your boat, your drinks are sure to look (and stay) cool.

Love Letter to Spring: As your guests come and go for gatherings and dinners outside, encourage them to write a little message in your DIY message center. A blackboard and colorful chalk is all you need to give your space a sweet, personal touch.

Close your eyes and think about all of those beloved springtime days from years past... Now open your eyes and take a look at the gorgeous backyard that’s all yours —you can make those kind of memories all over again with your own family. It doesn’t get any sweeter than this!