How to Update Your Home's Curb Appeal

Word on the street is that your home’s curb appeal may need some updating. You may spend most of your time inside your home, but it’s the outside that everyone sees. In real estate, an attractive front view isn’t just memorable, it’s often the difference between selling your home and chasing away potential buyers. So here’s a few ways to update your home’s curb appeal and give it a fresh, new look!

Where to start? Act like a Buyer. Take a walk around your entire home with a critical eye and take notes on anything that looks odd or out of place. What would be a red flag to you if you were a buyer looking at purchasing this home? You may notice something you haven’t before.

Ask for a second opinion. Whether it’s a professional or simply a friend, a second set of eyes can help point out certain defects like chipped paint, driveway cracks or overgrown shrubs that you may have just gotten used to. This will help you prioritize what fixes are the most crucial to your home’s appeal.

What should you be looking for? Look to the Roof Many people turn to the entryway or landscaping when they hear curb appeal, but your roof is one of the first things people notice if it’s flawed. Is it missing any shingles or has it gotten worn or streaky? Whether a good cleaning or a full replacement is necessary, a fresh look will have a huge impact.

Replace the Little Things When’s the last time you got new house numbers or a new mailbox? These little accent pieces may have blended into the landscape from your perspective, but to visitors and buyers, they can stick out like a sore thumb. Plus, they can make finding your home a lot easier. Slap on some shiny new numbers and invest in a new mailbox that reflects your home’s personality. It’ll be worth it.

Create Some Symmetry Symmetry in general is pleasing to the eye, and you don’t have to be a professional designer to arrange it. It’s easy and attractive scheme, so give your entryway a welcoming new look by framing your front door with two large plant holders or lining your walkway with some in ground lighting.

Illuminate Your Yard Speaking of lighting, some new light fixtures throughout your landscaping can really give your home a majestic look, while allowing you to control what becomes the focal point of your home at first glance. They also create a sense of security, which is invaluable to any neighborhood.

Add Some Shine A new coat of paint can make a world of a difference, and only costs about $25 a gallon. Even if your doors, shutters or trim don’t look too bad, a little touch up paint will give your home a new, polished look. For a more significant upgrade, give your front door a real makeover. Whether a bold blast of color or a full replacement, it’s the focal point of your façade, and people will notice.

Tend to the Garden Get those pesky weeds, struggling trees and overgrown shrubs either pruned or out of there! They’re doing a lot more harm to your curb appeal than you may think. Plant some fresh flowers, throw on some new mulch and upgrade your walkway stones for a full landscape transformation.

Open Up Probably the easiest way to update your home’s appeal is to open up! Pull back the blinds, fling open the shutters and give your windows a quick wash. Not only will you enjoy the bright, natural light from inside your home, but it’ll also make your home appear larger and more open to any passerby.

Now, you know what to look for, and what you need to do, so get to work! You’ll be glad you did, and your neighbors will thank you for it too!